Your dream home is a place that defines your class, where each corner of your home tells a story of its own.

We at THE GARDEN & HOME STORE can help you in adding just that extra something to your dream home to give you that special feeling of class and comfort.

We specialize in exquisite designs in outdoor furniture suitable to your drawing room, balconies, patio’s, gardens, terraces, outdoor bars & barbeques, etc.

We use Aluminium frames for longer life and stability, finished in attractive colors with UV stabilized high quality rattan which imparts a warm and earthy look and feel to our outdoor furniture collection.

Couple this with the latest in fashion, design, expert craftsmen, superb worksmanship and you get a product which is very unique and exclusive!!

Outdoors Table & Bench

Newly launched Coffee Table in sturdy aluminium chassis with rattan and rope.

Stylish Bar Table

Stylish Bar Table Set in a evergreen design built in rattan and aluminium frame with cushions.

Outdoors Table & Bench

Enjoy a hearty breakfast outdoors on your bench and table set.